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Beit Hapa'amon, Hall 230, (POB 37), Hata'as St. 20, Kfar Saba,
Israel 44425

Phone: +972 (3) 509-41-06
Fax: +972 (3) 527-31-76

Raanan Brenner Colonel (Res)

Team Leader Expert

Academic Credentials:

  • B.A. - Philosophy/Middle East Studies, Hebrew University
  • M.A. - Public Policy, Tel Aviv University

Raanan brings to Integra-Team his expertise of twenty-five years as a high ranking officer in the IDF. His extensive army experience was acquired in leading infantry units, including management of emergency situations.  Throughout his service, he was responsible for directing combat forces and organizing major army information systems, conducted on a large scale based on  personnel, resources, infrastructure and technological equipment.

Raanan’s particular specialty lies in creating teamwork and in activating and monitoring complicated strategic planning. He is experienced in overseeing and training staffs and other officers. He motivates others to reach excellence and improve their accomplishments through delivery of high organizational preparedness for emergency conditions.

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