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Beit Hapa'amon, Hall 230, (POB 37), Hata'as St. 20, Kfar Saba,
Israel 44425

Phone: +972 (3) 509-41-06
Fax: +972 (3) 527-31-76

Our Team

  • Zev Gottesman Lt. Col. (Res)

    Zev first joined Integra as VP of Training in Disaster Management Programs and as Content Manager, following 23 years of service in the Israel Defense Forces as an expert in Homeland Security. In his position as head of civil defense of his IDF division, he was in charge of protecting the population against a broad spectrum of extreme events.
  • Haim Avital Lt. Col. (Res)

    Director of Emergency &
    Civilian Security Programs
    Haim is Integra's foremost expert on Emergency Preparedness & Management and Civil Defense. His decades of accumulated experience and knowledge of these sectors are based on both his years of service in the Israel Defense forces as well as in the private Sector.
  • Raanan Brenner Colonel (Res)

    Team Leader Expert
    Raanan brings to Integra-Team his expertise of twenty-five years as a high ranking officer in the IDF. His extensive army experience was acquired in leading infantry units, including management of emergency situations. 
  • Roman Butman

    Co-Founder &
    Director of Marketing
    Roman is an entrepreneur and an expert on marketing and advertising, with a rich background in setting up, managing and developing projects that provide specialized professional training for security agencies, military, police and civil defense.
  • Eugeny Rizsky

    Chairman of the Board
    Eugene is an entrepreneur, with vast experience in operation management, simulation training and special training programs for security agencies, military, police and civil defense. His past business initiatives include co-founding the Tactical Training College and co-founding ...
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