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Beit Hapa'amon, Hall 230, (POB 37), Hata'as St. 20, Kfar Saba,
Israel 44425

Phone: +972 (3) 509-41-06
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Unexpected Situations (Crisis)

Solutions customer types

  • Municipalities
  • Business & Industry
  • Public Organizations
  • NGO's

There is any number of internal and external situations that an organization encounters as it moves forward that may cause instability of the organization or endanger the smooth running of operations.  The organization’s response, in this case, is not as immediate as in emergency situations, but it can extend over days and months, and requires management responses that deal with a wide range of scenarios and crisis.

Resiliency in the face of the unknown: Proper adaptation measures can reduce the risks of damage caused by extreme events and disasters, today and in the future; regardless of the degree of uncertainty around the organization’s status.

The Challenge:

Proper estimation for “the expected” can save an organization a great deal of resources and reduce risk exposure in “unexpected” scenarios.  Our research show that most of an organization’s unexpected events are in fact, very likely and can be identified, diagnosed and corrected with advanced preparation.  No one event should be underestimated because one unexpected event can bring down an entire company, cause a complete system crash and also cause peripheral damage several degrees of magnitude larger than the direct damage (which is usually the one insured).  In addition, organizations are often characterized by administrative rigidity and thus lack the flexibility and ability to change and adapt their purpose or function in the face of various challenges.

The Solution:

IntegraTeam teaches and trains organizations to give them the general skills to deal with emergency situations and disasters.   In addition, Integra provides customized
Dynamic Leadership™ methods and models, develops organizational response capabilities to deal with unanticipated events that a company will possibly encounter.

Integra's leadership team will guide the client through the process of conducting a current risk assessment.  The client will also receive a map indicating threats and risks that can be expected, a resource allocation assessment for both expected & unexpected scenarios, review of the organization’s critical nerve centers and define strategic goals and critical axes.

The process will include:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Forecast possible scenarios (expected)
  • Acquisition of skills to deal with the unexpected
  • Definition and scope of preparations
  • Customized Training Program

The customized training program will include a combination of basic training programs and incorporate Integra’s unique methodologies that will develop and hone the following skills and abilities:

  • Mapping and analysis methodologies for day-to-day operation
  • Defining the organization’s ”nerve center”
  • Updated mapping of risks and threats
  • Define goals and critical axes with the organization
  • Develop skills to recognize changes - improve “sensory mechanisms”
  • Situation analysis and crisis response management
  • Skills for risk identification during a crisis
  • Manage a crisis with limited resources
  • Create alternatives and inventive solutions for crisis management
  • Utilizing external resources

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