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Beit Hapa'amon, Hall 230, (POB 37), Hata'as St. 20, Kfar Saba,
Israel 44425

Phone: +972 (3) 509-41-06
Fax: +972 (3) 527-31-76

Leadership Training


  • Creating the basis for Dynamic Leadership within the organization
  • Resilience and organizational readiness
  • Organizational strength and flexible to deal with the challenges of changing reality
  • Open and fluid Internal communication within the organization, reducing friction and maximizing creativity
  • Empowering individuals in the organization - to strengthen the weaker personnel and empower the strong - in mobilizing  the entire organization
  • Integration between the leadership matrix and dynamic leadership: Double the power!

A dynamic organization in the 21st century requires leadership training on all management levels.  When a person functions as a leader in the organization and not just as "an employee", he feels a deeper sense of solidarity and responsibility, contributes dynamically and creatively to obtain optimal performance, and strengthens the organization's resilience and ability to cope with challenges to provide a flexible response.

A leader, whether formal or informal, whether a team leader or the leader of an entire organization — is empowered - and, as such, depending on his or her abilities and unique talents, will find a clear path for maximum career development. 

Leaders confront challenges, take the initiative and solve problems.  In contrast, workers implement tasks, seek additional resources (even when resources are not available) to solve trivial (minor) problems and they expect 'someone' else to solve the problems facing the organization's goals.

The Manager recommends whereas the leader solves problems!

The Solution:

Leadership Training in the organization is the first step toward creating a Dynamic Leadership™ -Integra's proprietary model.

The training program deals with two main levels of leadership:  senior dynamic leaders and junior leaders.

Integra's training programs aims to strengthen and empower the organization's existing leadership to a new level of skill and performance.

Integra's program is based on a methodology developed by experienced specialists in the field of leadership and promotes the extension of one's formal leadership range; the construction of a dynamic leadership matrix; effective leadership training and preparation for an array of emergency and routine situations.  This program includes personal, one-on-one training to strengthen and develop leadership traits for both senior and junior managers, as well as non-formal leaders in the organization.

Training of Senior Dynamic Leaders:

  • Intended for the organization's senior management
  • Dynamic Leadership™ methodologies
  • Advanced tools for managing emergencies and routine
  • Command and control capabilities
  • Techniques to mobilize junior leaders

Training Junior Leaders:

  • Acquiring personal leadership skills
  • Essential management skills for emergency and routine situations
  • Skills for effectively mobilizing others
  • Demonstrating personal power and empowering others
  • Leadership awareness
  • Systematic perspective
  • Alignment to organizational goals
  • Presence — an integral and essential part of the organization's ability to cope
  • Personal Training and Certification - customized individually
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Training for independent thinking and decision making

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