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Beit Hapa'amon, Hall 230, (POB 37), Hata'as St. 20, Kfar Saba,
Israel 44425

Phone: +972 (3) 509-41-06
Fax: +972 (3) 527-31-76


The Integra-Team: multi-disciplinary experts in security, public safety and civil defense with crisis and disaster management solutions for municipalities, corporations, educational institutions and private organizations.

Our professional management and advisory board members have decades of experience in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness - with the most advanced technological protection systems.

How are our services delivered?

Based on the client’s available human and organizational resources, our team professionals implement individualized modular seminars/ training programs/upgraded infrastructure simulations/benchmark assessments/ turnkey projects with specialized tool kits for executive leadership.


  • macroscopic vision can prevent
  • methodological strategies can prepare
  • adaptability can produce an effective first response
  • available resources can reach maximum efficiency
  • training can facilitate mental/psychological resilience and quick recovery

when your organization can exercise readiness/strength/competence in facing unknown challenges.


Your well-prepared leadership can ensure the endurance and safety of your organization/community/individuals.

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