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Beit Hapa'amon, Hall 230, (POB 37), Hata'as St. 20, Kfar Saba,
Israel 44425

Phone: +972 (3) 509-41-06
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Gap Analysis

Following the audit, the client will receive a 'case file' that includes:

  • Identification and definition of the organizations core business and structure
  • Current situation snapshot: human resource, technology, facilities, leadership
  • Existing gaps in the organizationís emergency preparedness and response plan
  • Critical elements
  • Primary challenge
  • Risk and threat assessment according to different scenarios
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

The challenge:

Organizations are an outward expression of people and their combined skills. Even the person with the strongest skill set has weaknesses and blind spots.

It is difficult for anyone to know their true level of preparedness for the radically unexpected, as well as to know oneís ability to cope and respond to these situations, without preparation, practice and test their capabilities.

Discovering a critical fail point in real time is something that nobody wants to happen!

Every organization has its core business that if damaged, could paralyze the organization and may even jeopardize its continued existence altogether.

A basic element in building resilience and preparedness for an administrative authority, organization or community is to understand the core that sustains it and to identify gaps and manage them in the existing situation, as well as their implications for the organization to function during a crisis, such as natural disaster, extreme events, unexpected emergency situations and internal breakdowns.

The solution:

Integra Team provides professional audit and assessment services that utilize international teams of experts in managing disasters and crises. The purpose of the audit is to bring to light gaps in preparedness and organizational resilience, and suggest ways in which these gaps can be minimized, and suggest specialized training programs when needed.


After an initial meeting and assessment with the client to understand the organizationís needs, an audit of the current situation is conducted, along with an analysis of coverage gaps, and finally, recommendations and preparation training program are formulated that are designed to fit the existing resources and technologies within the organization.

Creating resilience and preparedness:

After submitting findings and recommendations, the client will be instructed how to act in a crisis and be provided with training and exercises required to reach full readiness and preparedness ready.

The purpose of the review process is to obtain a full picture of the organizationís current weaknesses in the event of an emergency and identify "blind spots".

Our experience indicates that often, "the gap" is usually a result of utilizing resources and not dependent on financial resources.  The "gap" is rooted in the following: understanding, awareness, daily ongoing conduct, "blind spots", work habits, responsibility that falls between the cracks and an inflexible formal management structure.

Throughout the entire process, Integra places an emphasis on adapting the organizationís current situation to deal with an emergency, using existing resources - with all their limitations!

We will work to: empower senior managers, properly utilize human resources, examine the organization-wide system and effective use of existing technological means.  We will teach how to wisely and correctly use available resources to nurture a healthy and correct response to crises.

Experience has shown that these vital processes not only help strengthen readiness, but they also significantly upgrade the organizationís functioning on a daily basis.

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